about us






Green Plants of Life Co. Ltd. (initially IMPIRAN) was established in 1969 and has ever since been expanding steadily. Our main activity has been the exports of saffron qualities, herbal tea, different kinds of herbs, namely dried or dehydrated vegetables, nuts, fruits & flowers, roots, seeds, gums, leaves, pot-pourries and different parts of plants which are grown in Iran, plus essential oils & extracts and natural colors.


We are able to process these articles with milling or extracting their essential oil.


The ability of the company to meet the requirements of all markets, allied with its excellent export services, have gained Green Plants of Life a high international reputation.


Green Plants of Life pay great attention to quality; for the best quality assurance and service  to our customers, we have taken the important step of cultivating our plants and herbs, so as to have them at our disposal considering the required quantity and variety based on precise programme.


Thanks to our country's different climatic possibilities, we have processing plants in Isfahan (food and culinary products), Mashhad (different saffron qualities), Shiraz and Kermanshah (liquorice extract) while the production and processing of plants, extraction, distillation, production of different kinds of herbs and herbal tea are conducted in our plant in Tehran.


We have an active and expert group for R&D; our hydroponic green house, built in an area of 4000 Sq. m. equipped with modern equipments, is one of our R&D sites in which we produce saplings for further cultivation all over the country. As examples of our herbs and spices under cultivation, we can name saffron, Valerian Off., Melissa, Calendula, Cucurbita Pepo, Rosa Centifolia, the complete group of culinary herbs, etc.

The growing demand for the company's products and the need for increased manufacturing capacity have resulted in adopting the best drying procedures and most modern machineries for processing herbs, applying state-of-art and high-technology-equipment for the purpose. Equipping our microbiological and chemical laboratories has resulted in the daily increasing, high, universal and updated standards.We dry 20-25 tons of vegetables  and medicinal herbs daily and pack them according to our clients' requirements.


Green Plants of Life is the major Iranian supplier of herbs, entering into short and long term contracts throughout the world. Each delivery undergoes rigorous quality control before being accepted and re-directed for blending or processing and packing. Prior to dispatch, each batch is re-checked to ensure the highest standard of quality is maintained.

We are in the unique position to export to more than 30 countries all over the world.


We are in contact with the largest and most famous laboratories and producers of Europe and have representatives in Italy (Milan, Modena, Bologna & Rome), France (Marseille, Avignon), Germany (Hamburg, Bremen), England (Surrey). USA (Los Angles).

Green Plants of Life takes pride in its rapid and efficient response to all inquiries.


IMPIRAN-Green Plants of Life have been known as the exemplary exporter of Iran twice in the years 1998 , 2006 , 2007 and exemplary producer in Iran.   in the years : 2001 , 2004 , 2008 , 2009 of medicinal herbs.


We hold the ISO 9001/2000 standard certificate for quality and management.

It is worth mentioning that we are able to provide our customers with their special requirements concerning herbs under cultivation (or wildly/naturally grown) in our country, thanks to our research Institute: Ariamedicina.